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The principle of maximum RF current applies to my station’s antenna system. Maximum current in the counterpoise means, reciprocally, maximum current in the antenna. I use an inexpensive artificial ground from MFJ and an homebrew 1:9 unun. With that, I maximize the intensity of RF photons leaving my antenna system and hopefully generate an immense signal with only 10-20 Watts. That is all that is necessary to maintain a minimal SWR for the auto-tuner/transmitter.

Just like our great grandfathers of Ham Radio did, before SWR was our god, or Moseley antenna systems we don’t understand, or Hamstick resistors flopping from the back of our pick-ups. Before the advent of mobile 500W amps, there were RF ammeters. You cannot imagine how much energy we waste in radiative resistant antennas.

Think what you could do if we understood radio, and just didn’t buy the “big one”? Don’t get mad at me. I’m not telling you not to buy high power gear, just use it right.


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Un ami de France

Christophe Picard, F11BAO, has been known as “The Shortwave Listener of The North” / A member also of REF (Réseau des Émetteurs Français) for many decades. Christophe Picard is listening, make no doubt!
New early Fall solar panel configuration this morning with fewer leaves and no clouds, I was greeted with 13.5V on the solar batteries. With the G90 in receive.