News from a Changing Planet – #27


Same newsletter, new platform!

MAR 1, 2023

Hello and welcome to News from a Changing Planet on Substack!

Just a little housekeeping today: I’m asking you to fill out a survey (please!). I’m also introducing a new format, but don’t worry – it’s still the same old News from a Changing Planet. All of the old posts exists, but you can find them here now

I made the switch to Substack because I hope that the reading and commenting experience is an improvement over Tinyletter. 

I’m also including a survey here today that I’m hoping you will fill out. I think it will be an opportunity for some more formalized feedback on the newsletter, and I’m sure it will prove very valuable to me.

As you may have noticed, I have upped the frequency of this newsletter over the last 4 months to about once every 2 weeks, from once every “whenever I feel like it.” I really love writing this and having a direct relationship to readers, both people I know and those I don’t. But it’s a lot of work! So I am thinking of adding a paid option, and part of the survey is an attempt to gauge your interest and willingness. 

Thank you for your time and attention, and if you take the survey, thank you in advance for that.

I will be back soon with a proper dispatch, but I am working on a few other things at the moment that I will share with you soon and that I hope you will enjoy. And if you want to pass this on to other people who might like it too, always feel free to do so!

And if anyone wants to design a logo for me, I would really like that!


News from a Changing Planet

News, ideas, questions and answers about climate change and the environment on an evolving earth from Tatiana Schlossberg, a climate change and environmental journalist. 

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