‘We live in a productivist society that is destroying our planet’

Rose, 16, a Paris high-school student joining the the demonstrations against the French pension reform. (Quoted by France 24)

“It’s important to go out and protest because this reform takes us a huge step back. It will mean rolling back the social progress and rights won in the past.

“We live in a productivity-obsessed society that is preoccupied with economic growth and which has been destroying our planet for decades. Now we’re being asked to work for two more years so we can produce even more. This system is wrecking our planet – it’s normal to rebel against it. Among my generation, we’re overwhelmingly concerned about the environment; we have no choice. But we know that small steps alone won’t change things. I’m vegetarian, I recycle as much as I can … but if we don’t resist more, it won’t be enough.

“I’m not very optimistic for the future, unless we profoundly change the way our society functions. That’s why I protest – and why I’ll still be out protesting in 20 years’ time. It’s not about young people wanting to skip class. It’s about our political commitment on issues that are fundamental for us.”

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