Mottled Ducks and Jankowski’s Bunting

Importance of the next two articles/Intro to the articles

By Dr Beck

As a former conservation member of Ducks Unlimited (DU), I was introduced to the work of Prof Philip Lavretsky, an active duck hunter and geneticist for DU podcasts. His DNA-based genetic research of evolutionary descent and hybridization, perhaps saved – or at least drew attention to – the native Hawai`ian duck who was threatened with extinction on two fronts: primarily by destruction of habitat and introduced European vectors, like mosquitos, and by recognition of certain superficial characteristics thought by Resource managers alone to be signs of hybridization.

Here are two articles, the first an “old” article from 2013 by Lavretsky and a recent publication citing this older article. Both are relevant to those interested in the issue of declining Biodiversity in the face of climate change.