Why I post The Pump Daily email and encourage you to subscribe.

By Dr Beck

Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Pump Daily is ruthlessly scientific. That should be enough to post on “I Really Appreciate Science”. I am trying to expand his audience. Of course, I will not be part of his Big Challenge, although I am taking French, which he suggests. Or German. Or Spanish. Nor do I make any money by posting ‘The Pump Daily’. Arnold , for a long time, has been a Green advocate and Climate Activist. He applied the same reasoning and knowledge to the science of keeping in shape, and active. He draws on much of the research in the UK, who through the Million Women Study and other massive health care research projects, has broken the seal – so to speak – on a statistical medicine; a scientific medicine and wellness of the human body. By following patients through their whole lives, the NHS has undertaken some of the finest research into human health that we can all benefit from here in North America. Thank you, Arnold Schwarzenegger!