An editorial of sorts

“I want all of you to take a look at this statistic. 40% of all products transported by global shipping are fossil fuels themselves (coal, oil, gas), and 100% of international shipping relies on fossil-fuel powered ships. Can you imagine that? I always point out that the 15 biggest cargo ships pollute more than all the cars in the world, but the more you study the messier it gets. Not only are we living in the past when it comes to our outdated shipping technology, but we are shooting the usage of fossil fuels through the roof by shipping it to countries around the world. It is like a Ponzi scheme by the fossil fuel industry.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Governor of California

Is seen by the majority of Americans as equivalent to…

“Historic Bitter Cold Christmas Eve Will Dawn Across Eastern U.S.A…”Now at least 28 dead in Buffalo area, including a young woman trapped in her own car. A sprawling winter storm emptied airports and shut down highways as dangerous conditions upended holiday plans. Nearly 1.2 million customers nationwide were without electricity…” New York Times 23DEC22

We will suffer collapsing and weakening jet streams, which will continue to warm up in a CO2/fossil fuel World.

Until that very moment when the Arctic Winter temperatures equal the Mid-Latitude or Temperate Latitude temperatures, ending all weather as we have known it. No hot. No cold.

But there is still time. Only democracy can save humanity.