Biodiversity is key to a liveable planet – A super small follow-on to Tatiana’s post #21

By Dr Beck

I am not a biologist, nor a climatologist. But, #COP15 is being held this year in Montreal (7-19DEC22) – so close – and seems like an ideal time for the USA to finally sign the Treaty on Protecting Biodiversity (CBD) of our Planet. Really. The only government representative at this meeting will be PM Justin Trudeau.

According to Tatiana Schlossberg, a science writer for The New York Times, and board member of the Kennedy Presidential Library among many other attributes and responsiblilties, has mentioned that the USA has not signed-on to this important treaty of species protection.

Personally, how I came to biodiversity was a contorted path, starting at UBC – Point Grey. I moved to Vancouver, BC for 5 months, a quarter’s worth of teaching. In addition, I volunteered for work in the “strangely named”, Quantum Materials Institute and The Outer Space Institute. Finally, I was accepted to work in the Beaty Biodiversity Museum featuring the re-constructed skeleton of a Blue Whale.

So here we have a COP where, except for PM Trudeau, no government will be represented. Why? Here is a link to #COP15 that includes a a link to the UNEP, as well.