Quantum Entanglement and The 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics


By Dr Beck

As with all science, please be analytical and critical when watching PBS SpaceTime.

For example, Feynman (not “Feynmann”) was critical only of specific experiments, for which he was proved correct. Those experiments did not provide positive results for quantum entanglement theory.

Quantum Electrodynamics (QED) is alive and well, thank you. QED is the basis of Quantum Entanglement Theory as taught to this day.

What is proved incorrect by Quantum Entanglement is the concept that “the speed of light” is the same as “c” in Relativity Theory. Moreover, “c” is a proportionality constant whose units are the same as a speed, distance/time, but whose function is much more important in allowing us to transform the space dimension into the time dimension and vis versa.

Practically, Quantum Entanglement Theory is not only important for the cryptology community. It is important for all forms of communication in space exploration. Imagine an heart attack astronaut-as-patient on Mars. No cardiologist or surgeon on her flight. The nearest one is on Earth. With quantum entangled particles created before launch, and surgical robots deployed, a communication pathway could be opened. A cardiologist at NASA on Earth might then work to save their patient on Mars without worry of time delays inherent in standard radio communications.

We’ll end this blog here…