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By Arnold Schwarzenegger, Climate Justice Activist and Body-builder

First off, I want to thank our whole gang of testers that have been training using my workouts after I asked for some volunteers in the last newsletter. I’ve been keeping track. Your feedback has been fantastic – we already learned so much that will help us when we roll this out to bring my fitness crusade to 2022 and make fitness accessible to everyone! I love seeing your comments about lifting more than you have since college or fitting into pants you haven’t worn for years. But most of all, I’ve been blown away by how much you support each other, making playlists and pumping each other up. The positivity is off the charts. Even though you’re all at different fitness levels doing different exercises, you’re all there for each other. It gives me hope we can really build a positive corner of the internet. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And in the meantime, you can grab some of our Arnold’s Pump Club merch. It’s all I wear to Gold’s now. Get yours here.

For those of you who missed out on testing the training programs, we will be ready to launch soon, but we’ll only open it up for 5,000 people at the start. Sign up here to be the first to know:

Now, what have I been up to?

I’ve been busy.

I finished filming FUBAR after five long, fun, intense, hilarious, explosive, wild and crazy months. But before I talk about the fun stuff, I want to be serious.

Auschwitz and Terminating Hate

While I was filming FUBAR, the Auschwitz Jewish Center Foundation reached out to me to let me know they wanted to give me an award for fighting hate. They’ve seen my work over the years with the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and recently, they’ve seen my videos for my online audience, whether it was after the neo-nazis marches in Charlottesville, or after lies led to the disaster of January 6, or my message to Russians about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

I told them I was in the middle of filming my TV series and I couldn’t leave the bubble during COVID, but we should postpone until I finished shooting because I have no plans to stop fighting to terminate hate. They wanted to give it to me anyway, so I made them a promise that during my next trip to Europe once I finished FUBAR, I would visit Auschwitz for the first time with the Chairman of the AJCF, Simon Bergson. 

You all know I keep my promises, so two weeks after I finished filming, I headed to Europe, and took a flight to Poland with Simon to experience Auschwitz. Here is a video from my visit: 

And let me tell you, it was an experience. If you have never been, I recommend it, just so you always know what humans are capable of. It is hard to explain to anyone how haunting it is, and how it just sticks with you. I am still thinking about it now.

I was struck by the deception at every turn, designed to prevent resistance. From the moment these poor people boarded those trains, they were being lied to over and over. When they got off the train, they were told to remember exactly where they put their suitcases, because people always manage to confuse their luggage with someone else’s. They were told to tie their shoes together before they showered so they wouldn’t misplace a shoe.

As part of my tour, I saw the piles and piles of their luggage and their shoes – they never saw them again. Think about that.

And it was really great to see my whole team from FUBAR at the fundraiser and teach them about the work we do. Fortune Feimster, Milan Carter, Gabriel Luna, and Travis van Winkle, thank you for coming. I also want to thank Danny Devito, Dolph Lundgren and Sly because they gave us some real star power, along with my kids for always supporting everything I do. And of course, my apprentice, Matt Iseman, is the best MC you can ever imagine. 

Getting Crafty with Sly

And of course, this week, you probably saw on social media that Sly asked me to film with him for his show, and I invited him to my office since he has never been there. I surprised him with Whiskey and Lulu. As if that wasn’t enough, I sprung a pumpkin carving on him at the last minute. All the sudden, here we were on my conference table carving pumpkins like little kids.

We had a fantastic time, and I do think there is a lesson there. Thirty years ago, you would have never caught us dead doing this. Our egos wouldn’t allow it. Now, at 75 and 76, none of that shit matters to us any more. We became friends instead of rooting against each other all the time, and now we actually cheer for each other. 

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