A Note on The Green Party US today

A study in political science

(1) Green Party US opposes the Inflation Reduction Act, a compromise act for sure, but the most bold Climate legislation from the USA so far. They misconstrue natural gas pipelines with oil pipelines. How is that possible?

(2) Promote candidates who speak at Extinction Rebellion demonstrations, “calling for decisive action to save the world from climate disaster.” That doesn’t show leadership, but the opposite.

As Greta has said, “…we are facing a climate emergency. We need to act now, based on the science. Only democracy can do that.” But, disaster? She nor any other prominent youth climate activist speaks of saving the world from climate disaster… They should take note of Prof Michael E. Mann’s “The Climate War.” This is not a one-shot, decisive action, but a process with a scientific plan.

(3) Their “Four Pillars” do not include: CLIMATE JUSTICE nor SCIENCE.

What’s to be done?