Recognition of ownership

A Study in Indigenous Science and Rights

To be said at the beginning of major events or student gatherings; or words to this effect.

“As a student at Northwestern University, I respectfully acknowledge that my Alma Mater occupies the land, ceded and unceded, of the Potawatomi, Ojibwe, and Ottawa First Peoples. That within this land are artifacts of a village and two chipping stations that have existed since ”the beginning of time.” That the rightfully granted forests from the President of the United States to Archange Ouilmette, daughter to the Chief of the Potawatomi, were cut down and stolen by Evanston settlers without consent. That Archange Oulimette, herself, was sent to Iowa on what has been called “The Trail of Death,” and documented by The Daughters of The American Colonists at Grosse Point Lighthouse.”