“Cannabis‐related allergies: An international overview and consensus recommendations”

By Isabel J Skypala, Samira Jeimy, Hannelore Brucker, Ajay P Nayak, Ine I Decuyper, Jonathan A Bernstein, Lori Connors, Amin Kanani, Ludger Klimek, Shun Chi Ryan Lo, Kevin R Murphy, Anil Nanda, Jill A Poole, Jolanta Walusiak‐Skorupa, Gordon Sussman, Joanna S Zeiger, Richard E Goodman, Anne K Ellis, William S Silvers, Didier G Ebo, International Cannabis Allergy Collaboration. A Review in Allergy, 2022


“Cannabis is the most widely used recreational drug in the world. Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica have been selectively bred to develop their psychoactive properties. The increasing use in many countries has been accelerated by the COVID‐19 pandemic. Cannabis can provoke both type 1 and type 4 allergic reactions. Officially recognized allergens include a pathogenesis‐related class 10 allergen, profilin, and a nonspecific lipid transfer protein. Other allergens may also be relevant, and recognition of allergens may vary between countries and continents. Cannabis also has the potential to provoke allergic cross‐reactions to plant foods. Since cannabis is an illegal substance in many countries, research has been hampered, leading to challenges in diagnosis since no commercial extracts are available for testing. Even in countries such as Canada, where cannabis is legalized, diagnosis may rely solely on the purchase of cannabis for prick‐to‐prick skin tests. Management consists of avoidance, with legal issues hindering the development of other treatments such as immunotherapy. Education of healthcare professionals is similarly lacking. This review aimed to summarize the current status of cannabis allergy and proposes recommendations for the future management of this global issue.”

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