An open letter to a former Chief of the Duwamish People

Whose name we do not say, as legend dictates, as every time it is said, you spin once in your grave.

A Study of Indigenous Science and Rights

By Dr Beck

Last night, I stayed up late. Too late. I was listening to the baseball team based on the Duwamish river banks, on native land, lose 3 straight. It was a humiliating defeat in the 18th inning.

It made me stop and think of what I have lost or gained leaving the hometown of settlers named for you. It was my home since 2 years old to 18 years old, when I moved away to other land of First Peoples. To attend college.

I thought about the settlers living there and fulfilling your warning to them, about the land and trees and fish. They didn’t listen then. They don’t listen now. They heat the atmosphere and burn down forests which give life to all. They have little respect for the land, for Raven or Bear or Beaver. They “do as they please,” They eat up the Salmon people and crab to the point where they have none to fish.

Even my own past student from Florida, yell up on me for nothing. He destroys the forest and trails with his mountain bike, at the behest of settler lumber men as an excuse to seize more land from the people.

Now , they cannot breathe, they cannot take care of their own. They live in one of the most polluted villages in the World.

You were correct, Great Chief. With their hatred of nature they grow arrogant.

Rest with your ancestors, in peace.