The True Face of Coal

By Dr Beck

I lived in Benton County, Washington where last year the pro-Trump Benton County Commissioners voted to oppose Washington State’s commercial plan for Advanced Wind Turbines on dryland wheat farms near Horse Heaven Hills. Farmers wanted the wind turbines as it supplemented their income and they saw, was the right thing to do. Some farmers received death threats.

Some, like Chris Wiley (above), wrote passionate defenses of their proposed wind farm. Union workers wanted wind turbines as it was a source of advanced technology jobs. Who opposed them? Real Estate interests? Those who wanted to profit from the misery of farm families losing their farms? Wiley is a fourth-generation farmer on the hills, who now lives in the small house his great-grandfather purchased in 1946 when he moved to the area from Dayton, Columbia County.

The publically-expressed reason for the opposition was that wind turbines were “unsightly”…

As opposed to “Coal Power”. Here is the real face of “Coal Power” today in Germany. Isn’t it “beautiful,” decimating the local farmland?

At this writing, Washington State’s Governor @JayInslee (D) has initiated action with Eastern Washington’s International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, the International Union of Laborers, The Teamsters, and The International Union of Operating Engineers, independently of those Benton County Commissioners. The unions are in the process of signing agreements with Scott Clean Energy of Colorado to build the wind turbines.