Fiona and Ian

Dr Beck

Two major hurricanes coming through the Atlantic corridor. It’s only September. There are weather channels and talks shows dedicated to them. I won’t pretend to be a meteorologist. I won’t pretend to be a climatologist, although I know climate in certain regions of the World as I have done research on Arctic sea-ice and the B-K Sea Region (which is meaningless to you, the lay person) . I have studied the nuclear-powered lighthouses which Putin continues to use across his Arctic Sea coastline (Is he changing the climate?). I have trained with Prof Mann at PSU and now Penn. I have trained with Prof David Jensen, head of the UNEP and active in creating MapX. Yet, I am no one. Don’t believe the hype. I am nobody, but a PhD. No job; retired with a small pension.

These two storms are wrecking the lives of millions. As future storms will. The purpose of these future storms, as well as these two, is to reclaim the land over which they rain or reign – your choice – for the seas. All the flooding and devastation now occurring on “biblical proportions” is part of climate change and global warming.

Nothing has to do with the Bible. Or religion. It has to do with the profits of a few very rich men and their families. It has to do with fossil fuels and burning fossil fuels.

The purpose of these storms is to create an inland sea in Louisiana and near-Texas. It is to wash much of Florida under the waves. It is unusual for Florida to even exist geologically speaking. Florida is made of coral reef, after all. Not stony rock or granite. Prof Dan Britt of UCF knows more…

I may be taken to task for saying, “storms have a purpose.” Take me to task! Storms are not conscious; they do not know or see. Or feel heartache. But it is the only way that the natural processes of Earth can respond; by battering down that which Humankind has refused to acknowledge: Our role in changing and disrupting the climate through carbon emissions.

You’ve heard “band-aids are no solution” from your right-wing politicians. Everything you do now to rebuild and restructure your lives without limiting carbon emissions as defined by the Paris Accord is like that “band-aid solution” they foam about. Everything is a band-aid and literally money and wealth thrown into the storm.

Don’t be this German Chancellor, planting a single little tree in Abu Dhabi for climate protection as they signal another deal for millions of gallons in fossil fuel to burn.


Luisa Neubauer in Germany. Greta Thunberg in Sweden. Winona LaDuke in the USA.

The future of your children’s children is in your hands. When you older folks “spend time with your grandchildren,” what do you do? Tell them lies about their future? Attempt to kill them, like their parents? Of course not, you hope. You hope you don’t. We can change what appears destined to happen.

Just try it.