Northwestern Glacier has a lesson for us

NU Glacier in 2020

By Dr Beck,

Many articles and photographs are available of The Northwestern University Glacier, in Kenai Fjords, Alaska. There is even an article from 2011 in Northwestern Magazine

It is gone as a sea-based glacier. It is now accessible only from land, and barely. Yes, you can take a “tour boat” upto it’s remaining land-based wall, but you cannot access it from sea. The reason? If you do not know the reason by now, I am sorry.

There may be a lesson in its disappearance for its namesake school, however. As Chicago itself battles the climate-changed, and changing, Lake Michigan coastline, the Northwestern lake fill exists on shaky ground.

Frontus from The New York Times article, 2021

As it has in the past with the shifting sands of its ‘North’ and ‘South’ Beaches, Northwestern may find itself now locked in an even greater, but quiet battle with the same lakeshore. It is not by accident that Northwestern with it’s tax-free status, is buying up real estate to the west of Sheridan Road. And maybe not just for expansion. For existence as a campus. No one want Northwestern to dissolve, tax-free or not.

This is a science post, so it cannot go too far afield into speculative reasoning. I will end this blog here with a cautionary note. Global warming/Climate change is happening now. There is still time to make a fundamental difference. The timepiece, whether an Apple Watch or Gold Rolex, will not stop.