Eira, a Swedish youth, speaks out

By Dr Beck

My poor translation of Eira’s biting commentary of the Social Democrats and others in power tonight… The video is available on Twitter at @GretaThunberg

“How can you claim to protect democracy when you actively mislead the voters to deny the seriousness of the climate crisis while continuing to seem like you are doing enough. That is just the opposite. How can you claim to care when you always avoid the climate issue but all you talk about is the electricity price and subsidies in order to be in line with the Paris Agreement. Sweden must reduce its emissions by 38% every year starting next year.

“It’s quiet impossible. How can we stay calm when politics is impossible and I watch while you systematically destroying our chances of reaching the 1.5 degree goal. Don’t you understand the seriousness, people are dying. Can you continue to pretend the climate crisis is not happening but do this to us? Thank you very much.”

“Tonight during the party leadership hearing, Eira held those in power accountable in a way no one has done during this election campaign. It is shameful that the burden of communicating the uncomfortable truth is dumped on your children. Society and the adult world are in total denial.” – Greta Thunberg