People want Space. People want America to lead in Space

By Dr Beck

Part of the crowd of thousands on a work-day jamming beaches, roads, Banana River locations near KSC for a view.

If anything was clear from the scrubbed first mission of the SLS and Artemis it was this: people want Space. People want America to lead in Space. All views and photos of the excited crowds near KSC today reminded us of an earlier era, more uncertain, filled with drama, when all social norms were being challenged. Space was part of that era, as it will be for the present.

The head of the Space Council and NASA was present, wearing a fuchsia pants suit . This also was reminiscent of that earlier era when Jackie Kennedy would accompany her husband, POTUS JFK wearing fushia dress. But what was obvious to everyone today was a key contrast in leadership. That leadership had changed. No longer a man. A woman of colour wore the fushia power pant suit. It was in a real sense, Vice President Kamala Harris’ debut as the leader of America’s space program.

The Artemis I will launch, the mission will be successful. Hopefully, Friday to even bigger crowds on Labor Day Weekend. But if not this Friday a Friday in the future, because that is how America works. We keep plugging away. There is something nascent and real in our beings that we do represent the last best hope on Earth.

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