QIS at Battelle-PNNL

Breakthrough research YOU can be a part of with the right motivation and degreed optimisim at my former lab, Battelle-PNNL.

By Dr Beck

Research that supports quantum computing, simulation, communication, and sensing is at the core of PNNL’s quantum information science (QIS) strategy. Their approach is one of co-design, where advances in the fundamental understanding of quantum phenomena lead to more robust quantum computing infrastructure and materials development, which leads to better problem solving in a cycle of continuous improvement. This expertise has been harnessed by three DOE-sponsored QIS Research Centers. Broadly, their efforts are focused on interdependent activities which complement the QIS stetegy.

“Quantum algorithms and software implementations”

“Existing classical computing approaches are limited in accuracy and efficiency when simulating quantum systems. Quantum chemistry has been identified as a leading application for quantum computing. PNNL is developing quantum computing algorithms and programming models that demonstrate the power of quantum computing with quantum-accelerated applications in advanced materials and catalysts, our traditional areas of strength in energy sciences. Much of this work is built from the backbone of NWChem, a unique computational chemistry code.”

“Quantum workforce preparedness”

“Our commitment to developing a quantum computing infrastructure and workforce is reflected in our robust partnerships with academic and industry leaders in quantum computing. We co-founded the Northwest Quantum Nexus (NQN), a coalition of research and industrial organizations in the Pacific Northwest and neighboring regions. Through the NQN, we offer training and internship opportunities in quantum algorithm and software development…”


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