Chicago – The new ‘Seattle’?

The frontus to The New York Times 2021

By Dr Beck

Global warming for Chicagoland has been anything but warm. It’s been hot, with high evaporation levels from Lake Michigan. It’s been mild. Too mild for many during a pandemic. It’s been rain. It’s been rain. Have I mentioned rain? More rain than most of Chicagoland needs. Flash floods. The Desplaines River near flood stage more than once. The current synopsis from the IPCC of the UN is that Chicago will suffer more rain; more snow, but will see warming temperatures in Winter of +3.2F.

The New York Times piece on Chicago from 2021 and it’s “battle” with Lake Michigan.

WTTW Special in June, 2022 on Chicagoland being a haven for ‘Climate Refugees.’ (Their term)

The Chicago Tribune reporting on the IPCC report of the UN affecting Illinois.

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