The Essential Carl Sagan

By Dr Beck

When Carl Sagan spoke on Global Warming, the first President Bush was organizing the mid-term elections of his party. I was finishing up my post-doc at Penn with Prof Dr Marsha I Lester. It was 1990, 34 years after the Republican scientist (Dr David Keeling) from Scripps Institute in San Diego first signaled a concern with growing levels of man-made CO2 on Mauna Loa in Hawaï`i.

At this conference in North Carolina, Dr Sagan proposed a “radical” solution: treat Global Warming like the recently concluded Cold War. Spend billions to mitigate and end it even if the chances are slim that it will do so.

I am only including the essential 18 minute of his talk. If you need the remaining 45 minutes, you can find it easily enough.

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