MapX’ much maligned SRES A1B prediction for 2100 and Reality today.

By Dr Beck

Two images

The scarred landscape of the climate crisis is clear to see from today’s extraordinary satellite image.
MapX simulation of change from 1981 to 2100 in crop suitability and dryness. Brown is -85% decrease in suitability, or desert-like conditions.

The Scarred Landscape of the Climate Crisis”

James Cheshire, University College London

“I’ve been obsessively checking satellite imagery to witness the UK turn from green to yellow, thanks to the period extreme heat and lack of rain Europe has been enduring. The parched landscape is unlike anything I’ve seen before and a cloud free day today (10th August) has revealed the true extent of the drought.

“Its shows with extraordinary clarity where the UK gets the most rain (and where some has fallen) thanks to being more to the west or at higher elevations.”

James Cheshire site

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