Wind versus Coal – Farm Families and Union Workers versus Vertical Monopolies

Who are the real interests in the “New Climate War” – Carbon versus Zero Emission


You know its not really about The Eiffel Tower (1,063 ft) versus The Space Needle (520 ft) either. That is the size and monstrosity of coal-plant smoke stacks versus diminutive-by-comparison wind turbines disrupting your views.

It’s about maintaining and expanding fossil fuel capital and property of Coal and Oil, both vertical monopolies, at the expense of family farms and trade unionists.

That is how every battle of the “New Climate War” is being waged. It may seem unique to every burrow and village in America, but it is not.

Everywhere across The United States, these interests are in contention:

Farmers, who know and see climate change and global warming from the soil up; who are struggling to raise their families and their crops. Allied with workers in industry who are trying to earn a living wage and retain as much of this green Earth for their children and grandchildren as possible.

Against Shell, ExxonMobil, and Duke – the monopolies.

“The richest 10% accounted for over half (52%) of carbon dioxide emissions.”

“The richest 10% accounted for 34% of the carbon emissions that scientists estimate will cause a 1.5C temperature rise triggering catastrophic irreversible climate change.” – – Sep 21, 2020. OXFAM and The Environmental Insitute in Stockholm, Sweden.

“The over-consumption of a wealthy minority is fueling the climate crisis and putting the planet in peril. No one is immune from the impact but the world’s poorest are paying the heaviest price despite contributing the least emissions as they battle floods, famines, hurricanes, and cyclones, ” CEO of OXFAM

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