Trump’s auction of oil leases in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge attract few bidders

The lease sales will not cover Republicans’ proposed tax cuts that Trump promised, but cost the country and The State of Alaska millions.

  • In mid-November, the Trump administration launched the formal process of selling oil drilling leases in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Every major bank in the U.S. has ruled out financing oil and gas exploration in the Arctic.
  • With few bids from oil companies, the State of Alaska was forced to lease the lands itself !

Coupled with the stance of Lloyd’s of London to not insure nor fund new fossil fuels investments, means – in advance – this auction seems to be more about far-right political theater than actual fossil fuel production.

More about attempts to unite all the dinosaurs of tradition and the past in waging a cultural war against climate science and climate activists. And against the youth, like Greta, Anuna, Luisa, Alexandria, and others. That was its real purpose.

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