A “Verified” Understanding…

I will just post both of these certificates here. I really do appreciate science. I modeled the collapse of the Arctic Vortex in the years 2014-2017 using four, quad-core mini iMacs in a parallel cluster with Thunderbolt cabling; a very powerful, personal computer. I only used the publicly available Los Alamos Community ICE model, a very old relic now, perhaps. I then believed, and still do, in the work of Battelle-PNNL scientists who forecast the annual Winter collapse of the vortex with the concomitant frigid arctic weather slamming into the Northeast USA was directly related to Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW) in the Arctic Ocean near the Barents-Kara (BK) Sea region of Russia, and global warming as a whole. It was an incomplete, but true model.

Now, based on this practice, I trust the climate science and calculations on global climate done by experts, like climatologist Prof. Dr. Michael E. Mann at Penn State (also of The National Academy of Sciences). I was an original student in his course at SDG academy.

After completing Prof. Mann’s course, I was fortunate enough to be in time to begin another course at SDG academy. This one taught by members of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) with real-world experience, on the ground, sustaining our World’s fragile peace. I was introduced to humanities representatives in the “hot” spots of the World. I learned about, and learned to use, MapX its utility in developing the story or narrative we need to tell each other.

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