To begin, we copy – a few thoughts

The only way we as humans know how to begin a thing and to initiate learning is to see others practice doing it or something like it, and copy that practice. We never call this plagiarism, but this is what we do. We plagiarize as tots, taking credit for our activity, and mostly we are rewarded for it, as tots.

Later we learn to distinguish from our own creativity and others. In fact, we must in order for human civilization to advance. I am no psychologist. However, I learned this much from teaching and basic research. When a student comes into the lab or field, she is hopefully assigned a more experienced student or post-doc to demonstrate or train her in the experiment or project.

I will post this here for now. Maybe later come back to it, but the essence of this is a question…

How do we break the cycle in students and researchers to plagarize like they were tots; with Wikipedia and the internet?

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