Greta Thunberg: The media are the only ones who can reach out with the time we have left

(Translation from Swedish by Dr. Kenneth M. Beck and Google Translate)

“To hand over the responsibility for Sweden’s largest daily newspaper to a minor, uneducated activist is completely incomprehensible. It’s crazy. If it were not for the absurd fact that we are in an existential crisis that is still ignored by our society,” writes Greta Thunberg, guest editor-in-chief of DN on 6 December.

We cannot solve a crisis without treating it as a crisis. But we can also not achieve crisis insight if we are not aware of the existence, meaning and consequences of the crisis.

If we are to continue to have a small chance of meeting our commitments under the Paris Agreement, our greenhouse gas emissions must begin to fall sharply starting today. Not 2025 or 2030. It is the uncomfortable truth that can no longer be denied.

No one claims that it will be easy or that the world is not enormously complicated. This is the most difficult and demanding question facing humanity. Because it challenges our values ​​and confronts us with issues we have so far swept under the rug. It challenges the current world order.

It requires a fair holistic approach where we ensure that no one suffers from the changes that the transition to a sustainable society will entail.

If we are to solve the climate crisis, we must realize that it is part of a larger sustainability crisis.

And since most of the emissions that will affect and shape our future are already in the atmosphere, it is not enough, as today, to only discuss future hypothetical goals and scenarios. If the Paris Agreement is to hold, we must be able to illuminate the past, present and future from a global justice perspective.

Our greatest hope consists of democracy and popular education. When enough people realize the seriousness of the situation, change will take place.

None of this will happen without the help of the media. For no one else has the opportunity to in the minimum time we have reach out with the information required.

And “thematic issues” or “climate reporters” will not suffice. It is about understanding the full meaning of the sustainability crisis and letting it permeate the daily work in everything from content, business to advertising.

Today’s magazine will focus on basic research. These are facts, not opinions.

Decades have been lost. It’s extremely urgent. But giving up will never be an option.

Den svenska webbadressen till tidningen finns här …


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