What then, is left?

Originally published in 10NOV2019. All rights are reserved.

Of course, we begin with affirming conservation and symmetry, and see that good clocks exists based upon real, pragmatic and measurable quantities in spacetime. The best clocks make free motion look straight-forward as straight lines in spacetime. In spacetime, all freely moving particles travel in straight lines until “an event.” Good clocks allow them to do so in a measurable fashion.

The cover of GRAVITATION showing ant-tracks on Isaac Newton’s famous apple. Spacetime is straightforward locally, as can be seen in the magnifying glass to the left. See, all ant-tracks look like straight-lines locally to the ant. Yet, those same ant-tracks form ellipses that confuse the ant who is stuck with his three-dimensional view, two space- and one time dimension. seeing space as separate from time . Is there an unseen force making it so in the ant’s world-view? No, the unseen force, gravity ,is spacetime itself.

If humanity is going to make a go of it in our desire to explore space, we must begin, if not on the same page, at least in the same book.

That book is named GRAVITATION.

Why? We all accelerate in spacetime. We all move in straight-lines locally, all looking for the best clock that shows us we are. We do this until something, anything, happens. That’s the reality of it. Gravity exists. Spacetime exists. Its’ been shown and “proven” by GPS and LIGOs. There is no turning back for humanity, now.

It is not an easy book. It has two tracks, however. Surprisingly at this early stage, one mostly devoid of mathematics, except the rudimentary linear algebra and calculus of high school-frosh university. One of its authors was it turns out, considered an outcast and hippie in physics…

Dr. Kip Thorne, physicist (1972) in Berkeley, CA, taken from Wikipedia

Track 1 is for most of us. It assumes something in terms of culture and social development of the reader. Good Fortune to you!

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