The heartbeats in humans

Cardiovascular disease still competes with cancer for the end of life in humans in this world. And in fact, if it could be worse, “Having a heart attack may increase the risk of developing cancer. A high 10-year atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) risk score tripled the risk of developing cancer.” – American Heart Association, NOV2019

The follow series of short blogposts with references were published over the course of the two years in “I Really Appreciate Science“, and now restored. As always, consult your own physician for questions about your personal health or that of your relatives. I am not a physician, but a scientist.

The order is as follows:

(1) Resting Heart Rate in Cardiovascular Disease

(2) The normal range and determinants of the intrinsic heart rate in man

(3) The Intrinsic Heartbeats in Humans

(4) “Rust Never Sleeps” – Energetics of Life

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