“Ecological destruction accelerated” – Thunberg and Neubauer react to the decision of the EU Parliament


From the German to English with Google Translate

“The European Parliament has agreed on a position for the planned multi-billion EU agricultural reform. A majority of MPs approved a compromise that had been debated for weeks. The decision stipulates that in future 30 percent of the direct payments will be reserved for organic regulations. However, with the so-called Eco-Schemes, parliament still falls behind the position of the EU states, the German Nature Conservation Office found.

“Parliament’s proposal also provides that four percent of the direct payments will be used to support young farmers. According to the draft, anyone who does not meet the EU requirements will be punished more severely: up to ten percent of the claims should be allowed to be reduced. So far it’s five percent. The parliamentary agreement also provides that the EU states themselves may not set higher standards, for example in animal and environmental protection. This is to guarantee a level playing field.

Neubauer and Thunberg with an open letter

“In an open letter written in English, five climate activists, including Luisa Neubauer and Greta Thunberg, criticize the MPs’ decision, which, “in summary, is accelerating ecological destruction. This was only possible thanks to countless lobbyists, as well as news editors and media companies who missed it have to do their job – namely to inform the population about the consequences of the decisions “.

“The chairman of the European Parliament’s Environment Committee, Pascal Canfin, said the reform package was a good compromise. “The European Parliament has improved the text considerably.” Norbert Lins from the CDU said: “The position of the European Parliament for an agricultural reform is contemporary and innovative.” However, several MPs complained about chaos in the digital voting on the around 1900 amendments. The schedule was changed several times at short notice.
Almost 400 billion euros in agricultural subsidies

“Agricultural subsidies are the largest item in the EU budget and account for a large part of EU greenhouse gas emissions. The EU countries have earmarked around 387 billion euros for th”e next seven years. The amount of agricultural subsidies still depends on the area cultivated on a farm. Nabu criticized the fact that the “farm-to-plate” concept or the biodiversity strategy were not taken into account. These include reduction targets for pesticides and antibiotics by 2030.

“Greenpeace agriculture expert Lasse van Aken said: “Europe’s greatest opportunity to make agriculture fit for the future has been negligently gambled away by the European Parliament today.” Under the #VoteThisCAPdown (in German about: “Rejects this GAP”) Thunberg and Neubauer had called for people to vote against the position. Above all, they criticize that this is not a change towards sustainable agriculture and promotes species extinction. Now, afterwards, they write: “The Members of the European Parliament have shown that they do not understand what an ecological emergency means. Empty words, empty announcements, empty promises are nothing new. The fight is not over yet”

“The EU states want a two-year “learning phase” for the eco-regulations, in which the money could ultimately go back to farmers as flat-rate payments. There are still no specific requirements for the organic regulations. Luisa Neubauer, who also writes regularly for stern, and Greta Thunberg announce that they want to continue fighting against the agricultural reform in its current form: “If our political leadership takes over the reform, we have no chance of achieving the Paris climate goals. But: The Commission can still present alternatives to these decisions. The battle is not over yet… “


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