NGC 2023

NGC 2023 is centered on the whitish thing on the left-center (which appears here like a small spiral-armed galaxy), but involves the other three bright blue stars. It is to the West (left) of the Horsehead Nebula, and just below (South) of the Flame Nebula. There is a deep dust trail on the upper right side of the nebula center. These are all young, bluish stars.

NGC 2023 is a 10th magnitude Bright Nebula. It is 1533 light-years from our solar system. It appears ~10.0 arcminutes in diameter, corresponding to a physical diameter of 4 light-year.

In this shot above, I moved the ‘scope up slight to show the bottom of NGC 2024, The Flame Nebula. See it, in a pink-shell colour at the top?

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