Adolescent with COVID-19 as the Source of an Outbreak at a 3-Week Family Gathering — Four States, June–July 2020

Noah G. Schwartz, MD1,2; Anne C. Moorman, MPH1; Anna Makaretz, ScM3; Karen T. Chang, PhD1,2; Victoria T. Chu, MD1,2; Christine M. Szablewski, DVM1,4; Anna R. Yousaf, MD1,2; Marie M. Brown, MPH4; Ailis Clyne, MD3; Amanda DellaGrotta, MPH3; Jan Drobeniuc, MD, PhD1; Jacqueline Korpics, MD5; Adam Muir, MSc6; Cherie Drenzek, DVM4; Utpala Bandy, MD3; Hannah L. Kirking, MD1; Jacqueline E. Tate, PhD1; Aron J. Hall, DVM1; Tatiana M. Lanzieri, MD1; Rebekah J. Stewart, MSN, MPH1

This article relates to the cases of COVID-19 we are all familiar arising from the White House cases and the President’s illness. The risk of false negatives; the need to 14-day self-quarantine even if testing negative; and the false security and assurance if one tests negative.

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