The New Solar Cycle 25 has just begun…

“NASA scientists study and model the Sun to better understand what it does and why. The Sun has its ups and downs and cycles between them regularly. Roughly every 11 years, at the height of this cycle, the Sun’s magnetic poles flip — on Earth, that’d be like if the North and South Poles swapped places every decade — and the Sun transitions from sluggish to active and stormy. At its quietest, the Sun is at solar minimum; during solar maximum, the Sun blazes with bright flares and solar eruptions.” – NASA website

The H-α Sun in 656.28nm light taken at 1900 UTC 28SEP20. This is the upper atmospheres of the Sun in the chromosphere. Note the pair of white sunspots. They match well the pair of white magnetic holes in the lower photosphere, below, indicating a deep change in the magnetic makeup of the Sun.

The ‘Purple Sun’ of calcium ions (393.3nm) deeper in the photosphere showing two prominent magnetic holes, as seen this morning in the Research District of Richland, WA

As happens at the maximum or middle of every Solar Cycle, the poles of the Sun undergo reversal. That is South becomes North and…well, yes. But this is just the beginning of a Solar Cycle.

These pair of white magentic holes/Sunspots presage that reversal.

From the observatories of the GONG Network, we see the same pair of white sunspots in H-α today, as well. (=>

As you can see in these Magnetograms from today made available from the GONG Network, there is a very sharp symmetry to the polar make-up of these two sunspots. They are a pair, showing the magnetic polarity. In the opposite hemisphere, the small sunspot has the opposite field lines and poles (the small dot below 0-degrees).

NASA/NOAA reported that Solar Cycle 24 (beginning in 2008) reached its maximum in December, 2012 (North Pole flip) or March, 2013 (South Pole Flip) and that is when the poles flip “Every 11 years”. Then something strange happen…

We reached, according to NASA/NOAA, “solar minimum” in December, 2019, or 7 years later, from “solar maximum.”

Note: In the magnetograms, above, there is a polar flip (October 6 vs. November 4, 2019)

Then, some little confusion in magnetic polarity ensues in January, 2019 after the minimum is reach and the new Cycle 25 begins.

“But,” the quick-witted observer will query, “That is NOT half-way through an 11-year cycle.”

And that observer would be correct. 7 years is not half of 11 years.

It is 11-years from 2008, but not from the mid-point of Solar Maximum.

December, 2019 is suppose to be the beginning of Solar Cycle 25

( => )

If the Cycle 25 started in December, 2019, why are the poles filpping NOW only one year into the new cycle? These reports cannot all be “limb errors”? Well, it is about 8-years since the solar polarity flipped in 2012. So that’s good news, but nothing else really seems to fit.

(=> )

Stay tuned, observers.

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