What’s the Equinox that happens tomorrow – 22SEP20?

The Equinox occurs tomorrow, 22SEP20 at 13:30 UTC or 6:30 AM PDT. That is when the Sun passes over the Equator of the Earth.

Sunrise is at 6:44 AM PDT. So, quite literally just before or right at Sunrise, the Sun will appear to be at the Equator. Or exactly due East. It will set almost due West.

Everywhere on Earth, the day will be 12 hours long and night will be 12 hours long. Almost exactly.

We are dictated by what has become known as the “Right-handed Rule” among physicists. Looking from the Northern Hemisphere, if you hold your right-hand up with your thumb pointing up, then rotate the fingers around the thumb, that is the way the Earth appears to revolve around the Sun. The Earth itself, rotates around its own axis that way too! The Moon also revolves around the Earth that way ( and somewhat off-topic, that is the way wind and storms rotate in the Northern Hemisphere on Earth, with your thumb pointing in the direction of low pressure to higher altitudes).

From The National Geographic and YouTube…

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