The Evolution of the American Duck. Episode 1

Ducks Unlimited, Inc – the only international NGO (non-government organization) bringing together conservationists and hunters from three countries: Canada, USA, and Mexico to protect the wetlands and flyways of the North American ducks and geese. And hunting them! Sometimes with the same people and families! A full-cycle duck.

In the following three episodes, available on YouTube and Apple Podcasts, PODCAST and Ducks Unlimited brings together three experts on duck evolution, the future of duck progeny, and why have fewer ducks been available per hunter in some of our flyways.

‘The DU Podcast is joined by genetics expert, Dr. Phil Lavretsky of the University of Texas El Paso, to discuss genetics, the prevalence of hybridization in waterfowl, and their importance to waterfowl management. We also discuss mallards, their relationship to the many mallard-like ducks across the world, and what scientists have recently learned regarding the origin of “greenheads” in North America.

‘Please subscribe, rate, and review the DU Podcast and contact the DU Podcast via email at with recommendations or questions.’

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