Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

As you may note, some posts have disappeared, while others have been modified. I ask your indulgences.  I try to maintain a good-level of security to guard the blog from intrusion, but this is an Election Year that means Robots and Intruders on Social Media. More intrusion and changes to posts have occurred than even my standard re-editing could be responsible for.  I am sorry.

Posts that have been erased that I find offensive or scientifcally indefensible or wrong, were placed by other hands not mine.  I have had to defend my right to use such full-length films posted on YouTube™, such as The Unchained Goddess  in the context of exposing fossil-fuel interests who understood the effects of their carbon emissions as far back as  the 1950s, with little or no funds.  I ask no compensation. All in a days blogging!

Take Care,




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