“UCSD discovers ‘Elvis worms’ that sparkle like the late singer’s sequins”


“The index-finger long creatures were found in the eastern Pacific, and one species is a biter and fighter

“Remember how the sequins on Elvis Presley’s jumpsuits sparkled when they were hit by a spotlight?

“There are iridescent worms in the deep ocean that put on a similar light show, and it turns out they are more diverse and rowdy than scientists once knew.

“UC San Diego researchers have discovered four new species of scale worms — creatures also known as “Elvis worms” due to the way that light reflects off their overlapping scales.

“The worms were found in numerous places throughout the eastern Pacific Ocean, some in depths that exceeded 10,000 feet…”


We provide this link to the San Diego Union-Tribune, but do not try to make the whole article ours.  It does not belong to us. We only give you a flavour of it, so you can make up your own mind if you like and want to support the award-winning research and journalism behind it, like we do. Of course, we do not or could support all the points made in any article we highlight, but that is part of living in democracy.  We believe the material is relevant to all and is necessary for their personal judgments.

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