“I remember watching Mt. St. Helens erupt 40 years ago…”

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 7.13.16 AM

By Prof Dr. Heather Price, 18MAY20 from Instagram

#ClimateScience #AtmosphericChemistry #ClimateEmergency

“I remember watching Mt St Helens erupt 40 years ago today. I was a small child standing in my yard and I could just see the top of the ash cloud rise in the sky.

“10 million tons of CO₂ erupted with the ash into the air that day.

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 7.13.28 AM

“Over 60% of all the CO₂ ever emitted from burning fossil fuels has happened since Mt St Helens erupted. Check out the chart image above to see how much fossil CO₂ has been emitted in your lifetime.

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 7.13.57 AM

“Today, CO₂ emissions from burning gasoline, diesel, coal, and fossil ‘natural’ gas in our homes, buildings, cars, ships, planes, industries, etc, spew over 10 Mt. St. Helens eruptions worth of CO₂ into the air EACH day the world over. And yes even now during lock down, fossil fuel emissions continue to accumulate extra CO₂ in our air.

“Imagine if we could “see” those fossil fuel emissions, more than ten St Helens eruptions worth of CO₂ going off everyday, all over the world. It would be front page news. It would be a crisis. And it is a crisis. This is an emergency. This is a fossil fueled climate emergency.

“We must push our leaders and ourselves to electrify everything and fuel it with renewable energy.

“To save lives, and reduce human suffering, we listened to the scientists (geologists) and stayed away from Mt St Helens in the days leading up to the eruption. We are listening to scientists (epidemiologists, public health experts, medical experts) saving lives and flattening the curve around the world for COVID-19. We need to do the same for the fossil fueled climate crisis.

“Listen to Science. Save lives.”

We provide this post from Instagram, but do not try to make the whole article ours.  It does not belong to us. We only give you a flavour of it, so you can make up your own mind if you like and want to support the award-winning scinece behind it, like we do. Of course, we do not or could support all the points made in any article we highlight, but that is part of living in a democracy.  We believe the material is relevant to all and is necessary for their personal judgments.


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