Prof Dr Michael E. Mann Elected to The National Academy of Sciences

In a well-deserved press release, The National Academy of Sciences this evening announced the election of Prof Dr Michael E. Mann. As director of The Earth System Science Center, and distinguished professor of atmospheric science, Department of Meteorology and Atmospheric Science, Pennsylvania State University, Michael Mann said he was humbled by his election.

For those who have known the scientific struggles waged by Michael E. Mann over the course of the past few years to not just defend his analysis of the human-caused Global temperature rise – the now famous and enshrined “Hockey Stick” – but to demonstrate, time and again,  that humanity must act now in order to avert catastrophic climate disaster by curtailing carbon emissions and eliminate fossil fuels, he represents the finest of “going beyond honest” as Richard Feynman described it, with the lay people of the World.

If anyone could represent “The Science” that Greta Thunberg, Anuna Dewever, and Luisa Neubauer,  appealed to us all to follow, it is he.  For all the #FridaysForFuture youth and students. For all the industrialists and politicians trying to do right and divest of coal and other fossil fuels, his election to the American National Academy of Sciences is a watershed moment.

It has been said before. We are dealing with two crisis’. A pandemic and a lack of climate action. We must tackle both. We can tackle both. We can overcome both!


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