“Despite Corona, the climate crisis cannot be permanently muted” – Luisa Neubauer

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 6.21.17 AM.pngL. Neubauer on the global climate strike baring politics  (translated with Google from the German).

“The corona crisis poses many challenges for politics. It’s now about directional decisions. In these times, however, these should also apply to climate policy, says climate activist Luisa Neubauer. Because in this crisis, politics is showing its true face.

“Thanks to the information age, Corona is arguably the best documented crisis of all time. What is remarkably little talked about is its bare nature. It is a real exposure crisis that does not leave out any area of ​​life. From “How Well Can I Cook?” to “How solid are our relationships?” (my circle of friends has recently split up) on “How much do people need to live?” (surprisingly little) about “How seriously are we taking the climate crisis?” (rub it in) and “How much quiet authority does the Chancellor have?” (enormous), and so on and so on. No, these are not new questions.

“What is new is the incorruptibility of the answers. Corona breaks up routines and structures, you just can’t talk around so well anymore. Now we notice talking around was one of our main activities – before Corona. And in a situation that is unprecedented, without structure, there can be no habitual answers. Every answer that is given today, must be given, politically and privately, is a directional decision. The merciless destruction of the category We’ve always done it. In every fiber of society.

“Why is that relevant? Today is April 24th, global climate strike. A day when everything is now different than planned: Instead of hundreds of thousands on the streets, digital strike and a climate art campaign in the government district. Both are large and unique, I say without false modesty. But both are incomparable with the mass protest. This day marks a turning point for Fridays For Future, in two ways: It is the first day that a global climate strike is being implemented online, a small revolution in terms of protest that is expected to last longer. And it is the first major climate protection day since Corona shut down the world. We are talking about the climate crisis today, as far as we can, because, despite all the corona pollution, it cannot be permanently muted. At the latest from today, from this unwanted turning point, the question arises of how it can go on with climate protection – this year, which does not adhere to any rules, which upsets all plans. And this is exactly where we are talking about directional decisions.

“What price are we willing to pay?

“The way in which politics will be carried out in the coming years, but also months, also answers the questions: How much do we actually want them, this sustainable and fairer society? How serious are we about climate protection? And: What price are we willing to pay to continue ignoring the other major social crises?

“There are no coincidences in corona management this year. Routines have been replaced by an exceptional policy that opens all doors: if the CDU Economic Council has its way, we will soften climate targets, if it is the car lobby, a scrapping premium is introduced, if the packaging industry Ban on disposable plastic postponed. There are now endless lists of demands of this color. But instead of squinting in the direction of blind and opportunistic growth spurts in the shadow of Corona, you could be inspired elsewhere. For example, visions of social-ecological crisis management…”

We provide this link to Luisa’s article in Stern, but do not try to make the whole article ours.  It does not belong to us. We only give you a flavour of it, so you can make up your own mind if you like and want to support the award-winning journalism behind it, like we do. Of course, we do not or could support all the points made in any article we highlight, but that is part of living in democracy.  We believe the material is relevant to all and is necessary for their personal judgments.


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