Magnetic holes in the Sun from 07APR20

Looking with Ca II (Ca+) light allows us to observe magnetic holes as they appear in the Sun’s near surface.  These allow huge amounts of solar wind to escape, causing Aurora and geomagnetic storms on Earth.  The central hole, to the left, is pointed directly at Earth and should by tomorrow (10APR20) generate some nice Aurora.  We will see!

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 7.51.41 AM.pngMy solar stack consists of two telescopes both purchased from CLOUD BREAK OPTICS in Ballard. They are equipped with ZWO colour cameras.  One has dual etalons and is for viewing Hydrogen-alpha light (The RED SUN) and the other is for view in Ca II (Ca+) light (The PURPLE SUN).  During these pandemic times, I have to stick my scopes out a tiny window (not seen here).


P.S.  Magnetic holes like this occur all the time.  Not to worry for the Sun!




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