‘A la mode’ for an essential walk at Green Lake

IMG_2465.jpegDressed ‘ala mode’ or in the style of the Coronavirus standing orders of our Governor Jay Inslee.  They only thing you may notice not generally suitable is the lower strap on my mask.  I certainly place it in position for close 6-foot, direct contact when grocery shopping, but not for greater than 6 feet contact, as occurs at Green Lake. It seems to work well.


Why an N95 mask?

Well, I had purchased N95 masks before Coronavirus. I wear them occasionally, when the public smoking of marijuana becomes too much for my psoriatic skin.  A dermatitis reaction that I seemed to acquire after decades of volunteering in the Emergency Services Department at Burning Man.  Participants used to sprits us with “water” before we became aware it was a form of “dosing”.  (Awww!  I can feel the love of Burning Man now in my blotched, red, face!)  So, I cannot smoke dope. Period.

Yes, I like many other, mainly farmworkers who work in the marijuana business, react to high potency THC in the air.  I break out.   Nothing screams public smoking of dope like my face.  Unfortunately, despite legal constraints, no one seems to be aware it is illegal to smoke in public. Why?  In the event, that is why I have N95 masks.

IMG_2414.jpegBut most covering works well.  Here is Luisa Neubauer, the German Climate Activist wearing a high density scarf and that seem to work well, and stop droplets of moisture interacting with her face.  This may be the only time in history we can ALL look like bandits!  Hahahaha!




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