Japan today – 20 to 50 years olds “at risk” and infected with SARS-CoV-2

Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 8.13.27 AM.pngTokyo JR line yesterday at rush hour

I read the headlines in Japanese from the Kyodo News Service yesterday (02APR20 in Japan) with apprehension.  Here is an English link to that same story which is mostly the same.

It has begun.  If you recall how pandemics occur, they appear unevenly in waves.

By the time the first deaths are reported, the virus causing them is ALREADY GLOBAL.  That is the beginning of the FIRST WAVE.  That was true of Influenza A three times, and apparently, coronavirus  pandemics in humans.

Our approach must be scientific, not medical.

Medicine is not scientific enough after 100 years of development to understand, nor was it prepared for this pandemic – obviously.

To Japan:

“…[Prime Minister] Abe said earlier Thursday that new coronavirus infections across Japan have not reached a point warranting the declaration of a state of emergency, but the country should remain vigilant against an explosive surge.

“At this point, we have not seen infections spreading rapidly and widely across the country. We are just about holding the line,” Abe said in parliament…

“Across the nation, 277 people were newly found as positive for the virus, also a single-day record. It brings the nation’s total confirmed cases to 3,482, including about 700 from the Diamond Princess, a cruise ship that was quarantined earlier this year near Tokyo.

“None of the 97 newly infected people are in serious condition. Only one person had been abroad recently and 33 have untraceable transmission routes. Seventy percent of those infected are in their 20s to 50s, the city said.”

70% of those infected are between 20-something and 50-something. As you should know, Japan is not a young country, either; It is a truly an “old” country with the birthrate dropping dramatically in the past decades.

“As Tokyo continues to see double digit increases in its daily cases, which include those at Eiju General Hospital where seven (7) people died from the COVID-19 disease, Gov. Yuriko Koike has warned residents the city is facing a serious crisis where the number of infections could explode.

“She has repeatedly asked residents since last week to refrain from non-essential outings especially at night and during weekends, pointing out at Monday’s press conference that many of the infected people had been in nightclubs, bars or hostess clubs.

She has also urged residents to work from home…

“Abe has been cautious about declaring a state of emergency in Japan, saying that doing so would restrict people’s rights, and first he needs to seek expert opinions…”

Is Japan (Spring, 2020), the “new” Canada (Spring, 1918)

What to make of Japan?  It seem apart from the World, like Canada was apart from the World during the FIRST WAVE of the 1918 pandemic.

Fewer cases.  Fewer deaths.  A dramatic demographic shift from the rest of the World, with young adults being seen as MOST AT RISK in a society made up of mainly old people.

Canada was like that before the devastating SECOND WAVE of August-September, 1918.






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