“In the time of the corona…”

[This is from my friend, Kjersti, a representative of the Green Party of Norway (Miljøpartiet De Grønne – MPG) to Oslo from the ØstMark (Eastern Land).  She has served with the MPG in the European Parliament and at home.  She was reared on a dairy farm (like millions of others youth her age in Norway) at Telemark.  I translated with Google, as my “Norsk” is SO bad…

“Good activists!

What does the corona crisis have to do with the environment? Should have been the headline. But then I realized that now was not the time for it. I will try to reach you with an outstretched hand. That it is possible to be alone together. I hope you take a walk in the wilderness. Maybe we pass each other without seeing, in this fate.

“I taste the word environmental crisis pandemic. And think that our common future with an environmental crisis out of control has all started. And one of the only things that is certain is that we have to deal with it, even if we are alone.

“People say to me. “You talk about the future like we don’t have an epidemic.” And probably think I’m not realistic. I’m in a mental place where I tackle the pandemic of planning for the world after the corona. Maybe nothing will be normal again. But I “have been through a winter night before” and experience shows up on my legs again.

“I know, we’ve had 150,000 new unemployed in a week. The world as we know it doesn’t exist right now. We do not have a coffee in the center. And you may not know how to support yourself in the future.

“No matter how we turn, NGOs face an extremely difficult time. People do not have the money to pay dues and donations. It may not be money for wages. People who are all low paid cannot go over to work for free. You suddenly have no money for what you are used to having money for. BUT we will rise again. It is a future.

“It is after the time of the corona that environmental Norway has a chance to show that we can stand together. That we manage to support each other. That we are really one.

“That’s okay, don’t hoard, but buy a can or two extra just in case 🙂

“Warm thoughts to all you good people out there.”

– Kjersti

Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 7.50.48 AM.png


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