The Very Latest on SARS-CoV-2

On 02MAR20, the Head of WHO said it was not SARS or MERS.  He was WRONG. 

As we have said in the past here, it is SARS and MERS, but in a novel, extremely infectious form.  It will come in as many as three (3) waves if we do not act to stamp out the first wave this Spring.

FIRST,  This version of SARS-CoV-2 has “not been proven” to be spread to animal, or pets.  There are only a few cases of this happening. That said, Coronavirus is ENDEMIC to animals and household pets.  That means, it is common and ubiquitous in pets. We do not know if this will spread, but if it does, it will be catastrophic. In October or November, 2020 it may come back  in a vicious new form to attack humans.

If you own a pet or animal, do not overly touch it.  Keep it separate from other species. Do not let strangers touch it.


2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Washington State

Updated on March 20, 2020 at 3:00 p.m.

Number of Individuals Tested

County Positive/Confirmed Cases Deaths
Benton 2 1
Chelan 2 0
Clallam 1 0
Clark 6 3
Columbia 1 0
Cowlitz 1 0
Franklin 2 0
Grant 8 1
Grays Harbor 1 0
Island 19 1
Jefferson 4 0
King 793 67
Kitsap 12 0
Kittitas 4 0
Klickitat 2 0
Lewis 1 0
Lincoln 1 0
Mason 1 0
Pierce 83 1
Skagit 25 0
Snohomish 385 8
Spokane 11 0
Thurston 6 0
Whatcom 10 1
Yakima 10 0
Unassigned 133
Total 1524 83

Number of Individuals Tested

Result Number of Individuals Tested Percent of Tests
Negative 21,719 93%
Positive 1,524 7%

Confirmed Cases / Deaths by Age

Age Group Percent of Cases Percent of Deaths
<19 2% 0%
20-29 8% 0%
30-39 13% 0%
40-49 13% 2%
50-59 16% 4%
60-69 16% 10%
70-79 16% 23%
80+ 16% 60%

As you can see, the infection rate is FLAT.  INFECTION to SARS-CoV-2 is flat across ALL AGE GROUPS except NEONATES.  ANYONE can be infected. The majority of deaths is in the 80+ category.

Confirmed Cases / Deaths by Gender

Sex at Birth Percent of Cases Percent of Deaths
Female 51% 56%
Male 46% 35%
Unknown 3% 10%

NOTE GENDER! MORE Women ARE INFECTED THAN MEN.  MORE DEATHS ARE WOMEN.  There are many reason for this.  Two are prominent. One, Women live into their 80’s routinely.  Two, more Women are employed in the service industry.

Note on the deaths: Some deaths may be reported by health care providers, medical examiners/coroners, local health departments, or others before they are included in the statewide count. It takes longer for the state to announce deaths because they are often reported first to the local health department and then to us.

Note on the number of infections: Public health experts agree that the true number of people who have been infected with COVID-19 in Washington State greatly exceeds the number of COVID-19 infections that have been laboratory-confirmed. It is very difficult to know exactly how many people in Washington have been infected to date since most people with COVID-19 experience mild illness and the ability to get tested is still not widely available.


The following is only an hour old as I type.  It is from CNN Health and are the words of the CDC Director –

“What we’re learning about the novel coronavirus

  • “We learn more about this virus by the day, often by the hour and most of the news is bad. Here are five things we’ve learned in the past week:
  • “The virus is much more infectious than influenza or the SARS virus, which it closely resembles. This week, new data showed that SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, can live on contaminated surfaces as the SARS virus can, so it may spread, sometimes explosively, from doorknobs, elevator buttons and contaminated surfaces in hospitals and elsewhere. But we also learned that, unlike SARS, patients become highly infectious before they become seriously ill, explaining at least in part why Covid-19 acts like a super-SARS, far more infectious than its vanquished cousin.

IF YOU LIVE IN A BUILDING WITH ACTIVE ELEVATORS, TAKE THE STAIRS if possible.  That is the only way China was able to shut down SAR-CoV-2; by shutting down the elevators.

  • It’s not just older people (duh!) with underlying conditions who become very ill and can die. Younger adults, previously healthy people and some children develop viral pneumonia.  Although prior reports suggested that 80% of people got only mild disease, it now appears that about half of these people, despite not needing hospital admission, have moderately severe pneumonia, which can take weeks or longer to recover from.

STOP SMOKING DOPE OR CIGARETTES. DO NOT VAPE!  Why? SMOKING INJURES YOUR LUNG.  The most stupid thing I have seen?  People social distancing as they line up at the pot shot to smoke dope!

  • “Explosive spread will almost certainly overwhelm health care capacity in New York City and elsewhere, and lead to the inability to save patients who could otherwise have been saved. Today’s severe cases are in people infected 10 to 14 days ago who got sick five to six days ago and have steadily progressed to severe illness. That means cases will continue to skyrocket for weeks after spread stops. Not only won’t there be enough ventilators, there won’t be enough supplies for the ventilators, hospital beds to support patients — or health care workers to help patients.
  • Health care workers – many Women – are in peril. Thousands were infected in China, more than 3,000 have been infected in Italy, protective equipment is in short supply in the United States, and as health care becomes overwhelmed, it becomes harder to provide care safely.t’s going to get a lot worse. Not only is the global economy in free-fall but supply chains for essentials, including medicines, are disrupted. Even China, which has successfully tamped down spread, is only now reopening its economy — which produces components of many medicines people rely on — and very slowly.

“China has outlined an analogous approach, based in part on their experience with cases re-imported from other parts of the world. In China, Hubei province faced a peak that overwhelmed health care services, but other provinces were able to avoid this through aggressive containment (the purple curve below). China remains largely locked down, with only gradual reopening, and is urgently expanding health care capacity, preparing for possible clusters or larger outbreaks in the future.”


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