Join NASA as An Astronaut!

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Veteran Astronaut, Christina Koch, issued the call to join her in the exploration of Space!

Take heart, America! We come from sterner stuff that has yet to rear its head in the face of this pandemic. We’ve been to the Moon and back! And now heading for Mars, thanks in no small measure to Buzz Aldrin. He gave us the Moon. I only had a small, silver Kennedy half dollar to give him in return. He would take it, though. And wear it to this day. Every President’s Day from then on, he would holds it on Twitter or Instagram and re-dedicates himself – and us – to the legacy of JFK.

We all saw the internal logic of JFK’s Rice University Speech:

We are behind. Humans will be explore space with, or without, Americans. We need to explore space for our own good and that of Humankind. Our commitment to do so mean we must be in the leadership, as a free people.

(1) Only a free people, representing all ethnic backgrounds and cultures can explore space without prejudices to the scientific discoveries and to our own ignorance, bringing the BEST of Humankind to the fore.

(2) “We do it, not because it is easy, but because it is HARD.” Because it is HARD, it brings out and fortifies our strength, and exposes our weaknesses. This is friendly competition to make us into teams. Because it is HARD, it unites us in the challenge.

(3) So, if we explore space, “WE MUST LEAD IN IT”, because to fulfill our commitments to ourselves and to humankind in general and all nations in particular the USA must lead. “ONLY A FREE PEOPLE CAN DO THAT.”

(4) And right now, we have a glimmer of a chance to keep space clear of, “weapons of mass destruction” and, “in a state of peace and freedom” for all humankind. (Perhaps less than a glimmer now, as our Congress and President see the need for a U.S. Space Force to back-up our commitments.)

(5) “Some say, this is too much…We should bide our time. No, we are not sprung from a people that bided its time and waited,” for a King 3,000 miles to make up his mind and grant us our freedom. We took it! As we plan to take space and space exploration. Not for ourselves alone, but for all free people, and nations, and future generations.

And, we did!

This was not some musical or mythical Camelot. This was a 20th Century highpoint of the American Republic. Everything we have from PCs and Tang, to the internet and carbon fiber and high tech flow from the fact we took up that challenge JFK laid down, and succeeded.

Now we need Future Astronauts in NASA. Like Christina Koch and Jessica Meir!

Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 10.01.02 AM.png

Why NOT join her? In Space!

The NASA application process is open for the new class until 31MAR2020.  Any US Citizen or Permanent Resident may apply. If you ever looked up and wondered – why? Why not apply now!

Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 10.27.39 AM.png

EXPLORERS WANTED! NASA Opens the next Artemis Class for applications

And the US Space Force is looking for recruits. Apply to the US Space Force.


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