“We are Winning!”

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Ever since Greta responded to the horrific attacks on her online persona as reported to her by a media journalist with this blunt summation…”This just means We are Winning!” I was skeptical.  Is this a cliche’d response to attacks by a vicious enemy – the fossil fuel imperialists?  Or was it founded in an idealist appraisal of the World situation as she herself sees it in the streets every Friday?


It is a very sharp, clear appraisal of the real world. We ARE winning.  After the announcement by CEO Mary Barra, General Motors reported  here and on Twitter, MNBC, and CNN, GM will begin the onslaught against the fossil fuel dinosaurs.  First in 2021, GM will intro the Cadillac Escalade EV with a 300 mile range and 100kWh battery system with twin motors and AWD, along with a Silverado EV King Cab pickup.  All lines of GM will offer EVs.

By 2023-2024, General Motors will actually BE for the first time in its history, the name of their company…”General Motors” . No Engines.   MOTOR CITY will BE only motors, no engines.

TESLA is building a plant in Brandenburg to compete, to steal tech workers from, and in all shapes and forms, continue to create innovation in EV transport with Volkswagen AG, the creators of the ID BUZZ and the electrifyAmerica chain of DC fast charging station that link the USA and Canada. ID Buzz – the new Mellow Yellow e-mobility Microbus, known in generations past to have been the harbinger of future generations of punk kids who demand the same and a better future than their parents who conceived them in similar sin bins.

Early Motley investors took note, and dropped their investments in oil and other fossil fuels.  The price of a barrel of crude fell to ~$24 roughly, by 25% in a day.  That is a capitalists divestiture if one ever heard of one.  Let the unaware beware, the Saudis who went with the USA on this one to cut production to maintain the price of crude are now directly competing with Mother Russia who has opened the spigots to rot this World of ours with their fossilized existence and fossil fuels. Yet.  And still (my heart).

All this to say,

We ARE Winning.


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