“Save Snake River Salmon!”

Reads the red, white, and blue sticker on my old Fat Bob snowboard in this photo dated 2013.  Boy that bring back memories!  Heidi Newsome (nee Brunkel), and I attending hearings with other Desert Lorax members to push for the removal of the Snake River dams in the 1990’s.

Despite the headlines in the Seattle Times, the Snake River dams were never about hydroelectric power.  Theses dams are all about irrigation.  Cheap irrigation for drylands in Eastern Washington.   That is why there is and was so much resistance from a few farmers.  First time I was called a “Yankee” to my face, was in these public hearing.  Hahahaha! Too funny.  I know I must have hit home with my comment.

Now 20 years on, and the Feds are reconsidering the error of their ways after killing off most runs of wild salmon and spending billions in a vain-glorious attempt to ship young fry over the dams in barges.  Barges! Then say, the dams can stay.

“See we are saving salmon!” they cried, as every year saw the loss of another run of Chinook.

IMG_5158.jpegFrom the winter of 2013 at Alpental, Mt. Denny, WA.

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 6.16.09 AM

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