Why Bamse? Why now?

After hearing about the passing of Greta’s farfar (her grandfather), the famous Swedish actor Olof Thunberg (R.I.P.), I thought about the role he must have played in her life and in the lives of countless other Swedish children.

Olof, I had learned at a past showing of the environmentally-conscious Bamse held at the National Nordic Museum, was the voice of Bamse in color-cartoons on Swedish TV for over a decade.  I thought about my own childhood and how it was made rich by cartoons and fantasy, and fantastical TV personalities like Stan Boreson, the crazy Scandahoovian with an accordian (because of him, I had to learn and did learn to play the accordian)…

“It’s later than you think,”  Should make us all think a little deeper.

What have we, as a society done to Greta, in robbing her of her childhood?  She should be, as an 17-18 year old, having thoughts of finishing school, exploring space or marine life, or music and acting like her illustrious family.

Instead, she as a punk kid is having to travel across the globe explaining time and again, she has no future, that we have robbed her of her future, as we continue to rob her of her childhood.

I am not saying you, Mr. & Mrs. Hegelssen, are responsible.  I am saying we, as a people and society continue to emit carbon dioxide like there is no tomorrow.  But in fact, we are creating that no tomorrow we hope exists.

So we must stop.  Just stop emissions. Period. Let’s not rob Greta or any of your clones anymore.   Of their futures. Of their childhood.  That is why, Bamse now is more than just the strongest bear in the World.  We should all be like Bamse.  Uff-dah!




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