Elections in Hamburg

Screen Shot 2020-02-24 at 11.57.05 AM

Hamburg is Germany’s second largest City. Often seen as a bell-weather for elections nationwide.  This weekend’s elections saw a dramatic turn-around.  Not just for the ruling elite of Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU), but most importantly for the Nazis.

Of course the Nazis cannot call themselves National Socialists.   And as of today, they barely exist at all in Hamburg.  They chose a fancy name –  “Alternative Germany (AfD).”  It did not matter what they called themselves.  They lost.  And they lost BIG.  It is even possible they were boosted out of the State Assembly in Hamburg with less than 5% of the vote by a new, youthful German people, who voted GREEN in droves.

The Greens were the biggest winner with nearly 26% of the vote.  Among German women, the Greens received 30% of the vote.

Most USA News outlets who are all over themselves reporting the violence caused by one, lonely Nazi gunman are absent in reporting the outcome of the elections in Hamburg or any where else in Germany and the outright rejection of the Nazis/CDU collusion.

Remember what Luisa has said, though, it was a victory first for a conscious citizenry who saw the climate as their first priority, no matter which party won or claims victory in the elections…




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